Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen SOZANKYO

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"Temperature of the Land", the real deal which you can only taste here.

Image sample of each baths

We offer "authentic hot springs".

Have you ever been in an authentic onsen (hot spring)? Japan has a variety of hot springs, but usually if the spring source is hot, it is diluted with water to be cooler, and when it is not hot enough, it is heated with a boiler. Do you think hot springs made this way have the effect of an authentic hot spring?

Onsen is "blessed with nature"

Using a hot spring that is at its natural temperature is the best way to have a lasting effect on your body. The hot spring water source at our inn is 49 degrees celsius. Following it to where it is pumped, it is exactly 40 degrees. Please experience the natural hot springs here at a place only such as this.

Introduce of Baths / Onsen

Large bath

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Jade-colored water attracted great poets, literary legends and athletes.

Large bath of natural hot springs

The water quality in the large bath gives your skin moisture, restoring your skin to be tight and elastic with its anti-aging effects. Also, the water at Uchinomaki Onsen has the reputation of being very therapeutic for athletes competing for world events, draining their fatigue and healing their bodies.


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Seasonally enjoyable garden


A reserved Rotenburo (outdoor bath) attached roof to life the warmth of wood. Enjoy the blessed nature of the land while gazing at the change of the seasons.

Roofted rotenburo or Rotenburo with the Roof

Rotenburo (outdoor bath) roof with garden view and the monument of poem by Great poet, Lozano couples

Shower room

Shower room separately placed inside due to coldness of winter

Charter bath

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Window view shows completely different tastes at noon and night.


A charter Rotenburo with a hinge door. We use barrels used by Kumamoto "Tujunga Shuzo (Sake Brewing)". You may use them all night long until 9:30 AM.

Ashiyu / Foot bath

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"Ashiyu" made from hollow log

A footbath newly created in 2006. A hollow log is used in the bath! Have fun chatting while warming your feet in a relaxing time.

Healing power of water is appreciated by many athletes

Athlete group photo

The healing power of Uchinomaki Onsen is so strong that it is used as a boarding house for sports teams. The healing waters has continued to be loved by many athletes for over twenty years.

Onsen component

Name Uchinomaki Onsen (Sozankyo 2nd hot spring source)
Address 145 Uchinomaki, Aso-shi
Amount of discharge 273.3L / minute
Gushing Natural gush / Source temperature:48.5℃
Color/Smell Almost transparent, odorless
Onsen type Neutral / sodium, magnesium, calcium and sulfates (Mildness-related hypotonic high temperature spring)
Heating / Add water None
Directly / Circulation Gensen Kakenagashi(hot spring water directly from the source) / Completely discharge water
Water exchange Everyday
Cleaning Everyday
For bathing Chronic rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic muscular rheumatism, chronic skin diseases, Chronic gynecological disease, wound, neuralgia, Neuritis, Nervous prostration and hysteria
For drinking Habitual constipation, Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, Cholelithiasis, jaundice, hepatitis, gout, Diabetes

*It is proved the analysis mentioned above on 18.11.2005 by Dojin Glocal Corporation