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Introduce of cuisine

Each meal by fresh and original ingredients with our special care.

vegetable menu

We can offer meals with mainly vegetables.

If guests let us know about vegetarianism and allergies ahead of time, we will prepare a menu that makes the best use of Aso-harvested fresh vegetables.
Learn more about the breakfast salad buffet is here

Akauchi beef cuisine

Aka-ushi cattles Image photo

Wagyu has an established reputation with its original flavor.

The Akaushi cattle of Aso eat a lot of good-quality grass from vast grassy plains, and are brought up leading carefree lives. Their greatest trait is the deliciousness of their lean beef! Lean beef is packed full of taurine, which works to lower blood pressure. We use mineral-rich Southern Andes rock salt, so scrape off the appropriate amount. Eat Akaushi beef together with delicious vegetables from Ubuyama, cultivated at high elevation. ?Aso's grasslands have been preserved for a period of thousand years through grazing and burning off the fields. Eating one Akaushi cattle is connected to the protection of two hectares of Aso grassland.

Lounde & shochu bar灯火"TOMOSHIBI"

A variety of Shochu (distilled spirit) in its home, KyusyuNote: Please do not use underage customers.

Shochu bar Counter

Kumamoto's rice shochu,
Kagoshima&Miyazaki's sweet potate shochu,
oita's wheat shochu, Okinawa's "Awamori"
and Amami's brown suger shochu.
About 130 kinds of shochu are gathered
from prefectures all over Kyushu.
The price of a glass starts at 500 yen,
so guests can enjoy having a drink freely.

We also prepare "gou" containers (180ml) for customers
who want to have a drink in their rooms.
Why not take this opportunity to sample
and compare various kinds of shochu?

See menu of shochu

Shochu bar Lineup

New! Ryokan's breakfast

Deliver our farm producer's passion

Breakfast riceAt this ryokan, using existing Japanese culinary styles as a base, we offer a salad bar with organic, pesticide-free vegetables, so that you can eat with peace of mind. The rice, cooked in a hagama (cooking pot)is fluffy down to the last grain, and has a great reputation. The first day's start begins with a delicious breakfast!

Breakfast image

A selected breakfast menu featuring food like natto and zaru-dofu(tofu served on sieve-like bamboo tray), made from locally-grown soybeans.

Salad buffet

Salad buffet is very popular, vegetables themselves are tasty and eatable without dressing.

  • Breakfast catering
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Breakfast menu

There is also a reasonably-priced one-night breakfast plan. Why not come sample a very carefully-selected morning meal?

The reservation of

Focus on ingredients

Selected ingredients 01

We offer locally and freshly harvested ingredients.

Fresh vegetable

We want guests to sample the tastes of local vegetables as they are harvested. With that in mind, we offer plentiful vegetables on the menu that change daily.

Contract farmers
Intoroduce of contract farmers

"Tsuji Farm"ownerMr.Masayuki Tsuji

Tsuji Farm supplies fresh and long-life vegetables through the years by focusing on cultivation method and careful handling after harvest.

Tsuji Farm's WEB site is here.

Used ingredients in our meals and cuisines

  • Romaine lettuce

    Romaine lettuce

  • Red salad

    Red salad

  •  Spinach-red cardinal

    Spinach-red cardinal

  • Salad begana

    Salad begana

  • Farm's situation 1

    Farm's situation 1

  • Farm's situation 2

    Farm's situation 2

Selected ingredients 02

Rice grown by craftsmanship

Aso Kogen KOSHIHIKARI rice

The rice we offer at this ryokan, which keeps the amount of chemical fertilizer it uses at less than half the amount used by standard rice, is grown with labor and time?Narita Farm's specially cultivated rice. Taste the flavor of rice that is the product of delicious natural water, containing a wealth of volcanic minerals, and rich soils.

Narita Farm's WEB site is here.


Selected ingredients 03

Genuine milk admitted in the world

Abe Farm's milk

We use ASOMILK from Abe Farms, awarded two stars by the Belgium-based International Taste & Quality Institute. ASOMILK has a gentle-feeling pastoral scent and the natural sweetness in its flavors stands out. We serve it at breakfast, so by all means, try a glass.

Abe Farm's WEB site is here.



Private eating area
Private eating areaGOGAKU

Newly-established private eating areas. For customers staying in rooms with open-air baths, we can serve these areas for morning or evening meals.

Designer's restaurant
Designer's restaurantKOMOREBI

Homemade pickled vegetables and specially-selected milk are lined up on the counter, and for breakfast, the rice cooked in a hagama (cooking pot) is quite popular.