Aso-Uchinomaki Onsen SOZANKYO

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General information

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/ Transportation guide
Access map
Free parking available(car:25 bus:3), Charging station
Transportation guide
70 min by car from Kumamoto IC to Aso area via R57 (via Milk road)
Taken a bus from JR Aso station toward Uchinomaki Onsen, get off at the bus stop in front of Aso City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and 2 min' walk.
From Aso station by bus
From Aso Kumamoto Airport
By car
Access from KumamotoMAP
■National Route 57
Kyushu Expwy, Kumamoto IC
→Uchinomaki Onsen
Landmark: Aso Post office
■Futaenotouge Tunnel
Kyushu Expwy, Kumamoto IC
→Milk Road entrance intersection [Prefectural Road 339]
→Use Route Futaenotouge Tunnel [Ozu IC to Aso Nishi IC]
→From Aso Nishi IC to N-R57
→Uchinomaki Onsen
Landmark: Aso Post office
Access from Oita/TaketaMAP
→From Uchinomaki Onsen intersection /N-R212
→6km(12min.) Landmark:Aso Post office